2023 LPOIC Newsletters Business Ads

The Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club produces three (3) Newsletters each year. They are the Spring, Summer and Fall issues. There are 1000 issues printed and mailed out to active members and distributed to the many Derby Ticket Outlets in the area. These are also sent out in a mass email to active members with up-to-date email addresses on the club s data base. The cost of these issues, just like everything else is going up as is the postage used to mail them out. We have many business ads that appear in each of these that help to defer the cost. These people are very much appreciated, and we are always welcome to any additional ads that come our way. Your business name could appear in many places throughout the year and announced during derbies on the water.

         Mark s Marine

         Black Sheep

         Frisky Jenny Flies

         Bayview Marina s

         Oliver Tree Service

         All About Chimneys

         Taylor Insurance

         Shoo Fly Fishing

         Fins & Feathers

         end Oreille Shores Resort

         Eagle Charters

         Waterfront Property Management

         Tobler Marina

         Salesky Services



LPOIC 2023 Derby Sponsors

Derby Sponsors are extremely important people! Without their passion for the LPOIC, LPO, and fishing in general these derbies would not take place. These events take a lot of hard work, money and time by the people trying to bring you, the anglers a memorable time on the water. Being a sponsor of a derby helps more than you can imagine and like the first sentence states, you are very important!

2023 Spring Derby

Adult Rainbow Catch and Release Sponsors

1st Place-Valley Studio, 2nd Place-Ivory Dental, 3rd Place-Roger Blackstone, Grant Hillen, Dan Harder, Paradise Valley Coffee and Doug Sheldon, 4th Place-No Sponsor (LPOIC), 5th Place-No Sponsor (LPOIC)

Mackinaw Division Sponsors

1st and 2nd Place-Avista, 3rd, 4th, 5th Place- LPOIC, 6th and 7th Place-Patrick Raynor, 8th Place-Larry Eng, 9th Place-Jeremy Brown, 10th Place-Dan and Tammie Harder

Mackinaw of the Day Sponsors

4/29-Mirror Lake Golf Course, 4/30-Brad Shelton, 5/1-All About Chimneys, 5/2-Pierce Auto Center, 5/3-Brad & Becky Sturgis, 5/4 and 5/5-Jeff & Cindy Bond, 5/6-No Sponsor (LPOIC), 5/7-No Sponsor (LPOIC)

German Brown Trout Sponsor Grant Hillen

Photo Contest Valley Studio

Youth A&B Catch and Release Bonus Sponsors-Brad Shelton and All About Chimneys

Junior Fund (Spring and Fall)-An additional donation from Hewes Craft

Frisky Jenny Challenge-Don & Susan Houk

Mr. Nick Naccarato Memorial Award-Terry Naccarato

2023 Members Only Derby

Adult Rainbow Catch and Release Sponsors

1st Place-Roger Blackstone, Doug Sheldon, 2nd and 3rd Place-No Sponsors (LPOIC)

Mackinaw Division Sponsors

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Place-Avista, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Place-No Sponsors (LPOIC), 10th Place-Dan and Tammie Harder

2023 Fall Derby

Adult Rainbow Catch and Release Sponsors

1st Place-Roger Blackstone, Brad & Becky Sturgis, Nancy Spence, Team Kamalot, 2nd Place-Tobler Marina, 3rd Place-Michael Fisher, 4th Place-Rich Hutter

Mackinaw Division Sponsors

1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th Place-Avista, 5th Place-John & Karen Ross, 6th Place-Grant Hillen, 7th Place-Jeremy Brown, 8th Place-Valley Studio, 9th Place-Team Numbutts, 10th Place-Dan & Tammie Harder

Mackinaw of the Day Sponsors

11/18-Mirrow Lake Golf Course, 11/19-Shane O Hara, 11/20-All About Chimneys, 11/21-Brad & Becky Sturgis, 11/22-Jeremy Brown, 11/24-Valley Studio, 11/25-Ed O Hara, 11/26-Gale & Cheri Belgarde, Sr.

Photo Contest-Tobler Marina

Youth A&B Catch and Release Bonus Sponsors-Shane O Hara, Brad Shelton, All About Chimneys


2023 Donations for the Youth A&B and Junior Funds

 Many people that feel very passionate about the future of this club donate to the future generation of this club every year. Much of these funds go towards the trophies, medallions, derby prizes, etc. The wonderful pictures that we receive of the youth receiving these prizes show us all how much they appreciate them! Thank you on behalf of those children.

         Ed O Hara

         Brad & Becky Sturgis

         Bayview Chamber of Commerce

         Kastner Electric

         Kevin Elmore

         Bayview General Mercantile

         Fins & Feathers

         Frisky Jenny Flies

         Bayview Marinas

         Hewes Craft

         All About Chimneys

         Brad Shelton

         Shane O Hara

         Terry Naccarato


2024 LPOIC Ticket Outlets

The people listed below have long been supporters of the Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club by allowing us to come into their businesses and giving of their time to sell the club s Derby Registrations. They are very much appreciated!

         Holiday Shores

         Mark s Marine

         The Captn s Table

         Fins & Feathers

         MacDonald s Hudson Bay Resort

         Priest River Hardware

         Ralph s Coffee House

         North 40 Ponderay

         Odie s Bayside Grocery

         Bayview Mercantile

         North Ridge Outfitters - Oldtown

         Super Fly

         Black Sheep Sporting Goods








LPOIC 2023 Annual Online Pin Auction

The LPOIC holds an Annual Online Pin Auction during April every year prior to the LPOIC Spring Derby. The Pin Design for the individual pins up for auction was chosen during the November General Meeting of the prior year. The winning pin design for 2023 was presented by Brad Shelton. Congratulations!

Along with pins up for auction there are many wonderful items collected by LPOIC members donating their time to go out and procure these items. Some of the people that collected these items were Rob Behrens, Nancy Spence, Jeremy Brown, Barb Gillespie and Kevin Elmore. This online event is put together by Dave Gillespie. A very hard working group of people that everyone should appreciate.

Generous local individuals and businesses donated many exciting items for this derby they are listed below and should be congratulated on their generosity!

         Pend Oreille Shores Resort-2 Gift Certificates

         Bayview Marinas-Gift Certificate

         North 40 Outfitters-Ponderay-4 Gift Certificates

         The View Restaurant-Gift Certificate

         Schweitzer Mountain-Gift Certificate-4 Passes

         Mark s Marine-Gift Certificate

         Miller Country Store-2 Gift Certificates

         Sandpoint Water Sports-Gift Certificate

         Yoke s Grocery-Gift Certificate

         Hope Marina-Gift Certificate

         MickDuff s Brewing Company-Gift Certificate

         Northwest Steamway Carpet Cleaning-Gift Certificate

         Big 5 Sporting Goods-Gift Certificate

         Old Ice House Pizzeria & Bakery-2 Gift Certificates

         Mr. Sub=2 Gift Certificates

         Hope Marine Services-Gift Certificate

         Battery Systems-Gift Certificate

         Finan McDonald Clothing Company-Gift Certificate

         Alpine Motors=2 Gift Certificates

         Arnie s Conoco-Gift Certificate

         Odie s Bayside Grocery-Gift Certificate

         Gription Tires Pros-2 Gift Certificates

         Shoo Fly Fishing & Outdoors-Gift Certificate

         Holiday Shores Resort-Gift Certificate

         Sandpoint Marina-Gift Certificate

         Selkirk Marine-Gift Certificate

         Trolling Solutions-Gift Certificate



LPOIC 2023 Scholarship Program Sponsors

Scholarship Fund Sponsors give in many ways. When starting a membership or renewing memberships, going to the new LPOIC Website, taking part in the fun things during General Meetings; Tackle Share Auction, playing 50/50 or simply writing a check designating an amount to be put in the LPOIC Scholarship Program. A small portion of the many donations given during 2023 are listed below. These and many more are very much appreciated for helping to enable graduates to further their education.

         Rich Hutter

         Denton McGlothlin

         Cabela s/Bass Proshop

         Charles Oliver

         Big Lake Recreation

         Jeff and Cindy Bond

         Gary Brookshire

         Frisky Jenny Flys-Don and Susan Houk