Mack of the Month

Members Only Mac of the Month Derby

Membership in LPOIC is required for the monthly competition for the largest mackinaw. Fish must be weighed at one of the official weigh stations on the day caught. No frozen or imported fish will be accepted. Only fish caught on Lake Pend Oreille, not tributaries or other bodies of water, are eligible. The largest fish weighed by a member each month will be paid $100. The largest fish for the year earns the angler $300. A copy of the weigh slip must be received by the 10th of the following month to qualify: Send to LPOIC, Box 1589, Sandpoint ID 83864. Send it yourself! Any questions can be directed to: Dale Greene, 208-597-1007, any time. We try to post leaders on as soon as possible after received. Details called in to Dale Greene, or emailed to will be posted more quickly. The Club would really like to receive pictures taken of you and your fish to put on the LPOIC Facebook page. Email those pics to Barb Gillespie at
                                                              Mack of the Month 2024
Month Winner Weight/Length
Dec 2023 end of year Brad Sturgis 22.88 lbs   38.5 inches
Jan Dan Harder 12.55 lbs    31.75” 
Feb  Scott Plue  13.25 lbs. 32.5"
March Kevin Elmore  10.36 lb, 30.0"
April Jim Carothers  16.10 lbs
May Paul Kinkead 19.45 lbs
Leading Mack of the Year 2024 Paul Kinkead 19.45 lbs
Current Year Mack of the Month 2024
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