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General Meeting

LPOIC Members Meeting 
LPOIC Members Meeting 5-8-24 WLDC

Attending: Dale Greene, Christine Sandahl, Carter Sandahl, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Nancy Spence, Mark Townsend, Dan Harder, Chris Holmes, Kevin Elmore, Brad Shelton, Josh Shelton, Larry Eng, Mike Mattes and Denton McGlothlin, Grant Hillen

Correspondence: None. 
Minutes from the previous Meeting made available.
Mack of the Month: April won by Jim Carothers’ 16.10 lb. 3rd place Derby fish. May is being led by Paul Kinkead’s 19.45 lb. Derby winner. He’s also leading for Mack of the Year.
LPO Today: Big thankyous to Dave and Barb Gillespie for their effort in pulling off this Derby. Several big fish stories including the rainbow winner, Josh Shelton.

Old Business:
   2024 Pin Auction was a big success. Lots of donations and everything sold. Over $10,000.
   General discussion on the Spring Derby.
New Business:
Talk about unacceptable language on the marine radio. Encouraged pressure to stop.
Website Navigation: Postponed
Bayview and Garfield Cleanups: Bayview in planning. Tentatively Garfield to be 2nd weekend of September with Selkirk Fire and Bonner Sheriff’s participation.
Scholarship Committee Update (Nancy S. and Christine S.)  May 16th eight Scholarships of $750 each will be awarded!!
Old Derby Pin sales discussed.  
Club Picnic: July 13th at WLDC 11:30 AM. Try to encourage attendance.Catered?
Food Bank Donations: $24 ( Matched by Club up to $150 per quarter) 
50/50: $31 to Larry Eng, $31 to Scholarship Fund.
Door Prize: $30 Gift Certificate to Super Fly won by Christine S.
Tackle Share, proceeds to the Scholarship Fund:Club Hat-$5.00-Larry Eng, Club T-Shirts-$10.00-Barb Gillespie,Josh Shelton, Chris Holmes, Grant HIllen brought a Polar Bear Fly-$15.00-Chris Holmes, Chris Holmes brought 6 Old Apexes-$40.00-Dave Gillespie, Mark’s Marine Cooler with multiple items-$15.00-Denton McGlothlin = $105.00 Total.

Next Board Meeting May 22 at 6:00PM at WLDC.
Next Members Meeting June 12 at 6:00PM at WLDC.
Annual Picnic July 13. 
Members only Derby September 21 and 22.
Thanksgiving Derby November 23 to 27 and November 29 to December 1.
Next Members Meeting April 10 6:00 PM WLDC
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