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Greetings All,
We are grateful to see this strong statement from our Congressional Delegation today (attached).   Your voices have not gone unheard!  Thank you to everyone who wrote, called and proactively elevated this issue to our local, state and federal officials.  Obviously we are still awaiting the action plan for resolving this issue quickly, and there is plenty more work to do, but this is a step in the right direction.

Below is today's update from the USACE on Lake Pend Oreille lake levels.  At 2060' most launches, docks, and floating mooring systems become accessible...depending on boat size, physical capabilities, etc...

Current Conditions:
Lake Pend Oreille Elevation at Hope: 2059.57 feet
Albeni Falls Dam Outflow: 28,000 cubic feet per second (cfs)
Changes and Highlights:
Albeni Falls Dam outflow will increase from 28.0 kcfs to 32.0 kcfs at 11:00 PDT.
We are currently operating with spill gate restrictions. The currently planned operation is to reach 2,060.0 ft around 9 June. We anticipate being at summer pool around 23 June.  Exact date is subject to adjustment depending on changing hydrologic conditions throughout the basin.
As mentioned during the public meeting on 30 May, the summer elevation band this summer will be 2061.75 - 2062.25 ft as measured at Hope, ID in order to not exceed historic high water elevations at the dam, as measured at the forebay.
Even with very low snowpack being recorded in the basin, there still is significant uncertainty in the inflow forecasts both in terms of total volume and timing (how fast the snow melts).  We are monitoring real-time weather, streamflow trends, and updating modeling predictions daily.  
Press releases for Albeni Falls Dam can be found here:
Leon Basdekas, P.E.
Upper Columbia Senior Water Manager
USACE, Seattle District
Albeni Falls Dam

Also, USACE staff have provided the presentation slides from the Public Meeting on May 31st.

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